Toilet Flush Power – How to Measure it.

Your toilets flushing power is not always dependent on the mechanism driving it alone. Even the smaller things like the flush valve, trapway, and water surface area can have both a positive and negative effect on how effective it is. But let’s say you’ve found a toilet that’s perfect in every other way except knowing about flush performance. How do you go about gaining an understanding of how powerful the flush is?

It isn’t often bought up in product descriptions online or at the store, but there is a third party company that conducts tests for this very purpose. They are known as Max Performance (MaP), and they work through a list of criteria to determine how well a toilet flushes. They do this by using weighted and shaped pellets that are similar to the average human waste.

This is a well respected way to determine overall performance and separate the best toilets from the average. The majority of manufacturers send their products to them as it’s a trusted way for consumers and plumbing professionals a like to get unbiased data in this regard.

Once they have conducted their tests, they give it a gram score from 0-1000g. Anything at 1000g is at the peak, and has an extremely effective flush mechanism. The lower end of this scale, say 300g and below, are poorly performing options. Those 300g units are usually low budget models. However, just because something gets top marks in this department, shouldn’t stop you from looking into the other features and functions. Refer to our toilet buying guide for more information on that.

Below is a few examples of toilets that reach that 1000g mark:

American Standard ActiClean 214AA.157S
American Standard Astute Vormax 727AA.121
American Standard Cadet 3 3380.516ST
American Standard Cadet 3 Flowise 2431.128
American Standard Town Square 2847.016
Caroma Somerton 829109
Caroma Sydney 609151
Delta Prelude C43101
Duravit Starck 217151
Eljer Titan 091-0750
Gerber Allerton 20-005
Gerber Maxwell 20-022
Kohler Bancroft K-3827
Kohler Cimarron K-3829
Kohler Gabrielle K-3615
Kohler Memoirs K-6669-0
TOTO Drake CST743S
TOTO Promenade II MS814224CEF

As you can see the list is quite extensive, and this is really just a fraction of what’s available. Luckily, many of these are very affordable thanks to modern flushing technology and innovations from the leading brand names. For further reading, check out our toilet shopping tips.