Seven Tips for Buying a New Toilet

What matters most when buying a new toilet? Is it perhaps the brand name? Could it be the effectiveness of the flush? Or maybe, the affordability factor? Naturally, this will come down to the individuals preferences. But ultimately, the top toilets have a lot of common features that set them apart from the competition. We’re going to cover seven of these features in the guide below.

Flush power

Consumers should not just look at the mechanism used and activation, but also the overall power associated with it. A good place to research a bit more into this is through MaP flush ratings. They actually have a useful PDF which you can download that lists out thousands of toilets along with their individual flush score. An excellent resource that should be used to your advantage.

Bowl height

Does a taller than average toilet bowl sound good to you? If so, why not look into right height toilets. They add a few inches to remove some of the burden from your body when sitting or standing. They are taller than seventeen inches and are great choices for people with joint or other mobility issues.

However, studies have shown that this isn’t the most natural posture for your body to pass waste as effectively. You could also argue that standard height bowls are better for family households.


Gloss and glazing is a method which manufacturers use to smooth over the ceramic surface and prevent waste and germs sticking to the bowl. It will work together with the flush to leave the inside of the bowl immaculate. So if you’re a someone who takes bathroom hygiene seriously, always look out for toilets that provide a specific type of glazing for this very purpose. Make sure that this includes a fully glazed trapway too.


There are two paths consumers can take concerning the trapway. Concealed or exposed. There are benefits to both of these. For exposed products, there is less material used to manufacture it, driving the priss down, and making it a suitable option for low budget users. However, for concealed trapways, they are far more appealing to the eye, and the smooth surface associated with them make cleaning simpler.


There are plenty of toilet brands to choose from. We are of the opinion that you should stick to well known brands that have years of positive feedback from buyers. They tend to have their reputation to uphold and as such, their product quality is usually of a high standard. Who do we categorize as being worthy? Kohler / Sterling, American Standard, Delta, Gerber, and TOTO are all worth consideration.

Consumer reviews

A very good indicator of a toilets quality is the customer reviews online. Too many negative or low star reviews tend to mean it has a flaw that comes up consistently, or lacks durability. Stick with 4 stars and up, there are plenty of them to choose from. Why risk going with the lower end?


If we could suggest a budget for buying a toilet that’s effective, and has all the functionality necessary for day to day usage, we would say around five hundred dollars. Some good examples that fit this price range include the TOTO Drake II, American Standard Cadet 3, and Kohler Memoirs. Although this can vary quite a bit depending on stock, demand, and time of year.

So there you have it. Seven tips that will hopefully put you on the path to getting a excellent toilet that meets your bathrooms criteria.